About NLK Consulting, we we do and services provided.

What We Do

NLK Consulting is a new business with a deep heritage. It is named after three entrepreneurs of Pulp & Paper consulting, Wayne Nystrom, Wayne Lee, and Tom Kobayashi. They were excellent engineers, creative, and forward thinkers with many examples of innovative technologies brought to successful economic completion.

Several employees who worked with the founders banded together to resurrect NLK as a group that provides Techno-Economic Analyses, Strategic Planning, and Advisory Services to the Pulp & Paper, Bio-Solutions, and related process based industries.

In addition to customary services, NLK is offering our network of associates for temporary or part-time assignments in order to meet our clients’ expanding needs for cost-effective technical and analytic support.



Sectors We CoverNLK_BioSolutions_300x300

NLK’s areas of expertise include the Pulp, Paper, Packaging & tissue and Bio Solutions, sectors. We focus on these sectors so our clients can benefit from our deep industry knowledge and specialist insights. NLK’s knowledge extends across the value chain, through to processing, logistics and final end-product markets. The management consulting advisory services we provide to these sectors include: Strategic Analysis, Market Analysis and NLK_pulpmillcircle_300x300Insights, Prefeasibility Studies, Due Diligence, Cost Improvement Initiatives and Product/Margin Optimization Studies.

Services We Provide

  • Strategic Analyses, Business Plan Preparation, Capital Plan Preparation
  • Prefeasibility, Viability and Alternate Grade Studies
  • Due Diligence, Operational Restructuring/Turn-Around Situations, Capital Avoidance Strategies, Shut-Downs, Divestitures
  • Product/Market/Margin Optimization Studies